Meditation and Buddhist Practice

We are sorry to say our activities have now ceased. 

The nearest Triratna Centre to Lewes is the

Brighton Buddhist Centre

The contacts page will be available for a while in case anyone wishes to get in touch and the resources page will remain with further information about Triratna activities generally.

On being still and quiet

There is an open spaciousness of mind that comes about simply by stopping and becoming still and quiet. This is something we can easily access and may well have experience of, for example, in solitary moments when walking in the woods or sitting by the sea.

Through the practice of meditation we can bring this spacious quality of mind more fully into our lives. It can help us let go of the clutter of thoughts and emotions that so often surround us; be more mindful of our experience; and more forgiving and kinder towards ourselves and others.

Whilst Buddhist practice can benefit us all through the easing of stress, the essential core of this way of working is a radical re-evaluation of our sense of self and the place we hold within the world.

"What can anyone give you greater than now, starting here, right in this room, when you turn around?"

From 'You reading this, be ready" by William Stafford 

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